Oregon Fir Sticker

Oregon Fir Sticker

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A dusting of fir needles around a simple heart design—this best-selling, all-weather sticker reminds visitors of our legendary towering trees and how quickly a love of Oregon can take root.

• 2.5"H x 11"W
• Durable, weather-resistant vinyl
• Rated to last outdoors for up to 7 years

Oregon Trees 101. There are more than 25 kinds of coniferous trees in Oregon. Our favorites:

• Douglas Fir (The State Tree!) 
• Grand Fir (Native Americans use the branches for ceremonial costumes)
• Noble Fir (An awesome Christmas tree)
• Incense Cedar (Smells amazing)
• Pacific Yew (Fun to say)
• Sitka Spruce (Sooo huge)
• Juniper (Sounds like a planet)
• Jeffrey Pine (Reminds us of a guy we like)
• Ponderosa Pine (Bonanza, of course)