Portland Tilikum Crossing/OSHU Men's Tank Top
Portland Tilikum Crossing/OSHU Men's Tank Top

Portland Tilikum Crossing/OSHU Men's Tank Top

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It started with a dream about 7 years ago here at No Limits. Seeing many attempts at designing one of the Portland Bridges. I longed to design my own. We wanted something that would capture the true essence of Portland. Things that people would recognize and relate to. So we started to include recognizable places around the bridges. Creating a visual story to capture ones imagination. Hope you like these designs as much as we do.


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What Does Tilikum mean?


“Tilikum” is Chinook Wawa, an international language used by first Oregonians, and later spoken by explorers, fur traders, settlers and the first few generations of Portlanders. (In fact, it’s still spoken today!) Tilikum means “people,” “tribe” and “relatives,” and has come to describe friendly people and friends.


The first bridge of its kind in the U.S., Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People, carries MAX Orange Line trains, buses, streetcars, cyclists and pedestrians over the Willamette River in Portland, Ore.



Tilikum Crossing adds capacity to the transportation system, with better access to important destinations such as PSU, OHSU, the Central Eastside and OMSI, while reducing commute pressure on other bridges.


Remember that the only limits are the ones we create for ourselves.



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